Plusssz is a leading multivitamin brand in Europe with a heritage of more than 22 years of tried and trusted use within the European market. Plusssz is definitive as being the first dual-layered effervescent on the South African market and as of 2010, is also the first multivitamin effervescent to be made exclusively with natural dyes. The unique feature of the Plusssz dual layer is that the first layer of each effervescent tablet supplies the required daily dose of vitamins, while the second layer is uniquely formulated for patient specific requirements. Plusssz is great tasting, comes in a variety of flavours and dissolves fast as a quick and effective daily multivitamin solution.

Plusssz carries the unique Q – Blends advantage. Q-Blends is the mark of quality that guarantees the highest standards of production and quality testing in multivitamins and minerals.